The facilities in our Toolroom include CNC machining, conventional milling, spark erosion, turning and grinding. All CNC Programming is done by utilizing the latest Mastercam CAD/CAM software. The initial process starts with the Industrial Designer who utilises the Solidworks drawing package to design the individual components and the component assembly. He then supplies the Toolroom with a 3D Model of the relevant mould to be manufactured.

The programmer converts the 3D Solid Model into Surfaces. It is then possible to program all the required Toolpaths and more importantly to verify all Toolpath operations and to execute collision checks by simulation on the PC. This process ensures that there are no costly mistakes during the actual machining of the components. Once the CNC machining operation is completed the job is moved along to the next phase of  manufacture. At this stage one of the Toolmakers would assume the responsibility for the additional work which needs to be carried out :

1) Spark Erosion.
2) Machining of bladders and air vents.
3) Turning the Spru bush and locating pins.
4) Sizing of ejector system.

Lastly the Toolmaker does the final mould assembly. The mould is then sandblasted. The mould is finally ready for a trial run.